Bigg Boss’ Most Shocking Facts That You Can’t Afford to Miss!

The news that every Bigg Boss fan has been waiting for has finally arrived! The show is due to premiere on October 11th! It’ll be just 15 days from now. Well, indeed! All of the intrigue, scandals, and action will finally return. The theme for the 9th season is ‘Double Trouble,’ and contestants will almost certainly be matched up and compete in two-person teams! Check information about Bigg Boss Mx Player.

While we wait for the 9th season of Bigg Boss, here are some interesting things about the house that you may not have learned!

1. There’s a ghost in the building!

The Bigg Boss home, according to inside sources, is haunted. Contestants have also disclosed their experiences of paranormal events. Even the Bigg Boss cast gave it a thumbs up. Members of the crew agreed that they often saw a strange-looking woman standing in the room’s corner!

2. Navjot Singh Sidhu is the only contestant who has never received an eviction vote from his peers!

Navjyot Singh Sidhu is the only candidate who has received 0 votes for nomination so far. Sidhu was one of the most popular contestants of that season, despite having to quit the show halfway due to personal reasons.

3. Celebrities do have access to alcohol inside the home. What’s the only difference? It’s sent to them in the form of juice packets!

Celebrities have an active social life, and some of them will not be able to function without alcohol. Makers are aware of this, and they are confident that this demand will be met when they reach the assembly. They are given liquor in the form of juice packets.

4. In the kitchen, partners and ‘potential couples’ do get intimate. It’s all due to scripting and a ‘family-show’ clause that the steamy parts are cut out!

Since the channel is a GEC (General entertainment channel) and the producers are not allowed to screen anything lewd, some of the most daring and romantic scenes between the pair are not shown. All of the sleazy, romantic scenes have been cut out.

5. The house will be cleaned by a cleaning crew! Cleaning is not done entirely by inmates.

Inmates’ weekly responsibilities include assigning jobs and cleaning the facility. However, things are not always as they seem! There is a designated washing period that the house is cleaned. Contestants must wait outside the house even though inmates do minor cleaning and dusting. Since contestants are not allowed to communicate with anyone from the outside when magnetic gates are installed and cleaners clean the house, contestants are not allowed to interact with anyone from the outside.

6. Sushant Divgikar, a contestant in the eighth season, admitted that he slept in the bathroom on Aarya Babbar’s sherwani!

7. The Bigg Boss house is nothing short of a jungle! Snakes and scorpions were often seen by contestants!

Yes, really. Since the Bigg Boss House is set up in Khandala every year, there are insects and snakes that visit the premises! And it did frighten a couple of the show’s contestants.

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